'Happee Birthdae' Harry Potter Cake - Intensive Cake Unit


"It's not every day your young man turns 11 now, is it?"  If you've seen Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, you'll remember the scene...


  1. Posted by PeridotClodsUwU, — Reply

    I tried this before this video for my birthday. We never have the most even cakes, so it worked out perfectly!

  2. Posted by marthakrause19, — Reply

    Well, at least he put effort into it. I think he is one of the sweetest people in Harry Potter

  3. Posted by HaaleyFisher, — Reply

    My family surprised me with a Hagrid cake for my birthday last year. It was the best!

  4. Posted by Yasnakamran, — Reply

    Omg it was awesome 😍My birthday’s December and I am gonna make the same cake 🍰

  5. Posted by marcellaseverson, — Reply

    Too bad its not lopsided cause Hagrid sat on it.

  6. Posted by blchak, — Reply

    this looks great but you probably should of made it a bit more lopsided :)

  7. Posted by RedPanda602, — Reply

    That’s the movie version, in the books it was spelt correctly

  8. Posted by danieljacobbb, — Reply

    Thank you for sharing

  9. Posted by HowRiddikulus, — Reply

    Yo my name is freaking Ava.

  10. Posted by chocchip5555, — Reply

    It’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY not whatever u wrote

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